Esther's Essential Therapeutic Services LLC - Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Services and Rates

7% Sales Tax is included in the price. 

The "Ultimate" Neck and Back Massage
30 minutes, $ 45.00
An effective way to treat painful areas in the neck and back. Different massage techniques are used to ease away chronic pain and tension. Trigger point therapy may be used to eliminate "knots".

The "Ultimate" Full Body Massage
60 Minutes, $85.00
A quiet escape from reality using a variety of different massage techniques, especially catered to meet your specific needs. This service is ideal for stress relief, improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing muscle tension, working areas of restriction while reducing physical and mental fatigue.
The "Ultimate Rejuvenating" Full Body Massage
90 Minutes, $ 125.00
A truly rejuvenating session that will provide you with a deep feeling of wellness and overall serenity. Great for boosting the immune system, improving circulation and detoxing the body. This service includes reflexology on the feet and a number of Thai movements and stretches.
  45 minute massage sessions are also available at
$ 65.00 per session.

Reflexology Foot Treatment
30 minutes, $ 45.00
Close your eyes and enjoy this wonderful foot treatment. This treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated and re-energized. A great way to open up the "energy" flow in the body.
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
60 minutes, $ 95.00
Let me introduce you to the power of topical essential oils incorporated into your full body massage. You’ll be glad you did!!

Reiki Session
60 minutes, $ 75.00
A session in which you will receive healing energy channeled into you through the 7 major Chakras. A Reiki session will leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free.

7% Sales Tax is included in the price.

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